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Colchicine For Sale, One thing people regularly wonder about is how a CVT (Constant Variable Transmission) works. CVTs are used mostly in scooters, like the 50cc Aprilia SR50 DiTech this document describes, Colchicine images, but some larger scooters also use CVTs, and they are even being used on some Audis now. If you've ever been confused about that strange little transmission in your scooter, this should help clear things up a bit, real brand Colchicine online.

CVTs are quite simple in design, but since every part must work in concert with all the others, Colchicine brand name, it can be difficult to visualize their operation, and understand how each part fits into the whole. The drawings are not to scale, but are meant to just give you a better idea about what is going on, doses Colchicine work.

This document was originally written by Scott (AKA "Scootnfast": on the "ApriliaForum": website, Colchicine For Sale. I have done a bit of editing so that things make sense in a non-forum context, but all the photos and info are his, My Colchicine experience, and have been reproduced with his permission.

For other articles available "check out the list": or read on to continue this article.

People ask a lot about different roller weights, clutch springs, Colchicine no rx, contra springs variators and belts. This is an attempt to put the effect these have on your CVT in simple terms. Colchicine For Sale, The truth of the matter is, a new variator, springs, or weights WILL NOT increase your vehicles over all power. After Colchicine, The power your vehicle produces depends on the engine, not the transmission.

What it does do is adjust your rate of acceleration, and at what RPM your motor runs at while it is accelerating, Colchicine canada, mexico, india, and at what speed the motor is reving when you reach the highest gear ratio available.

Now having said both of those things, Colchicine no prescription, the key is to have your motor running at the RPM where it creates the most horsepower consistently while accelerating. This value will be different for different engines. For the Aprilia SR50 DiTech used in this explanation, The max power is created between 8000 - 8500 RPMs, Colchicine For Sale. If you are accelerating at 5000 RPM's or 9500 RPM's, this will decrease your acceleration because your horsepower is not at it's peak, taking Colchicine.

This goal is achieved through trial and error. Changing first your contra spring, Cheap Colchicine no rx, and then trying different roller weights is how one might go about doing this.

In order for you to understand which way you need to go with weights and springs, you must first understand how the entire drive train works.

Colchicine For Sale, Lets start with the front pulley of the variator. This is where your roller weights and ramp plate are located, Colchicine wiki. This image is a cross-section of the front pulley, showing the front half of the pulley, Buy Colchicine no prescription, the belt, and the rollers sitting against the ramp plate. This is how the transmission looks when the engine is running at low RPMs.

Now as the RPM's of the motor increase, the centrifugal force pushes the roller weights outward (number 1 in picture), Colchicine schedule.

The roller weights push out and onto the angle plates surface. This causes the rear half of the pulley to move toward the front half of the pulley (number 2 in picture), Colchicine For Sale.

When the rear half of the pulley pushes to the front pulley, Colchicine blogs, it forces the belt out to a higher gear ratio (number 3 in picture).

This is the basic operation of the front pulley. Faster engine speeds cause the belt to go outward.

If you are thinking about getting a new variator, let me first start by telling you that it will probably not have any effect on your over all top speed, Colchicine overnight. What it will do is give you a more steady acceleration. Colchicine For Sale, The distance that the rear half of the pulley can travel pretty much remains the same. Meaning that it will only push the belt out as far as the stock variator will which results in the same high gear ratio as the stock variator. Colchicine australia, uk, us, usa, The key difference between the stock and performance variators is the angle on which the roller weights travel and the angle on the angle plate in the rear of the variator. This will only help give you a smoother, more constant acceleration.

Now as for the different weights for the rollers, no prescription Colchicine online. It is really rather simple, Colchicine For Sale. The heavier the weight, the more force will be applied to the angle plate forcing the rear pulley half forward faster. Order Colchicine no prescription, If the roller weights are too heavy, it will force the gear into too high of a gear too fast.

I like to use a 10 speed bicycle as a comparison. From a dead start, Colchicine photos, if you are in 10th gear, it is very difficult to get going. Colchicine For Sale, But if you are in first gear, it is very easy to get moving. Colchicine pharmacy, the same principle applies here. You want the weights to keep you in first gear, and as the RPM's increase, it will gradually step the gears up until it reaches tenth gear, discount Colchicine.

If your roller weights are too light, then there will not be enough force to push the ramp plate out and the rear half forward. Purchase Colchicine for sale, This will result in good acceleration, but a low top end. You will simply remain in a low gear for too long, Colchicine For Sale. As the engine speed finally gets moving enough to move the pulley forward and raise your gearing, you will be above the RPM of peak horsepower for the engine, Colchicine dosage, and it will not have the power to get you moving.

This image is a side view of what the ratio looks like in low gear. Buy cheap Colchicine, You will see that the front pulley is small, and the rear pulley is large. This is like first gear of the 10 speed bike.

This image is what the gear ratio looks like when the roller weights are pushed out and the rear half of the pulley is forward. Colchicine For Sale, The belt is pushed out to a higher ratio. This is like tenth gear on the bicycle.

Now the other factor in this equation is the rear pulley, Colchicine used for. The rear pulley has a spring holding it together. This is your contra spring. Comprar en lĂ­nea Colchicine, comprar Colchicine baratos, The front half of the pulley is also torque controlled. There are angled grooves that the pulley travels on, Colchicine For Sale. As torque is applied, this limits the belt from traveling in too quickly. Likewise, Colchicine online cod, as you go up a hill and torque is applied to the pulley, it is supposed to force the pulley together giving you a lower gear ratio. Colchicine price,

This image is what the rear pulley looks like at low rpm's. The spring is forcing the two halves of the rear pulley together, holding belt outward, and keeping a low gearing, where can i buy cheapest Colchicine online. Colchicine For Sale, As torque is applied to the belt, the halves of the pulley begin to separate, pulling the belt inward, which raises your gearing. The stiffness of this spring determines how fast the pulley halves expand, and how strongly they return to their original shape when the torque is lowered again.

This image is what the rear pulley looks like at high rpm's. Colchicine images, Notice the spring has been compressed, and the belt has moved inward.

If your roller weights are giving you good acceleration, and a good top end, but when you approach a small hill the scooter slows drastically, Colchicine pics, this may be caused by having too light of a contra spring. The contra spring helps push the rear pulley back together when torque is applied to the rear pulley. Colchicine no rx, Say you are running good at say 50MPH, and you slow down to 35MPH. If you then try to accelerate, and you have hardly any acceleration, this can be caused by having too light of a contra spring, Colchicine For Sale. When you slow down, the spring is supposed to push the rear pulley together into a lower gear ratio, Colchicine from canadian pharmacy. If the spring isn't strong enough, the pulley will remain in a high gear, Purchase Colchicine online no prescription, and then when you try to accelerate, there isn't enough power to push you because you are in too high of a gear.

On the other hand, if your spring is too strong, Colchicine reviews, then the roller weights may not be heavy enough to force the belt out all the way and into it's highest gear ratio, and you won't be able to reach your top speed. Order Colchicine no prescription, If you go with a stiffer contra spring, you may need to go to a slightly heavier roller weight. Colchicine For Sale, Likewise, if you go to a softer spring, you may need to go to a lighter roller weight.

There is a very fine balance that you must achieve between the contra spring and your roller weights. This is only accomplished through trial and error, Colchicine australia, uk, us, usa.

If you are looking for different roller weights for your scooter, check with your dealer or do some web searching for your model of scooter. Online buying Colchicine, The "ApriliaForum store": (operated by the fine folks at "AF1 Racing": carries a variety of roller weights and contra springs for carbed Aprilia scooters and Aprilia DiTech scooters. Malossi springs are ordered by color, Colchicine For Sale. The white is the softest, red the stiffest, and yellow somewhere in between, canada, mexico, india. If you are going to get a new spring, I recommend getting the red or yellow one. Starting stiff is good, and you can adjust your roller weights from there. The forum store also carries Malossi MultiVars, which are a fine replacement for your variator, as well as Malossi clutches. Colchicine For Sale, Installation of a contra spring is fairly easy, and is described next. If you need to change roller weights, or get into the variator, read the De-restriction How-To for more information.

Changing the contra spring starts by removing the cover from the swing arm on your scooter. Then you remove the nut that holds your rear pulley and clutch assembly on. The nut can be difficult to remove, because the entire assembly will rotate as you try to turn the nut. One technique is to have a helper hold the rear brake down as you loosen the nut, Colchicine For Sale. Another way is to use an impact wrench, which can remove the nut on the front and rear pulleys without worrying about the part turning. They do this by 'rattling' as they turn, which can loosen a nut in fast spurts, before the pulley has a chance to rotate under your wrench. If you plan on working with your scooter very much, I highly recommend getting one. You can find electric ones (commonly used for removing the wheels of cars) for pretty cheap, or if you want to go more professional, you can find very nice pneumatic impact wrenches. Colchicine For Sale, The benefit of pneumatic is that once you have the setup (compressor, hoses, fittings, etc.) you can continue to add tools for relatively little expense.

Once the nut has been removed, remove the clutch bell housing and then pull the entire rear pulley and clutch off the axle.

Once the pulley has been removed, you have to remove the large nut on the side of the clutch. This can be rather difficult. The nut is on rather tight, and it is very difficult to hold the pulley while you loosen it. I used two large C clamps and a piece of rubber to give them grip to hold it down on my workbench while I removed the nut.

Be careful after you loosen it. The whole clutch is essentially spring loaded, Colchicine For Sale. The contra spring is pushing on the clutch. When the nut is fully removed, the clutch will shoot out at you. So be sure to hold it firmly when removing the bolt and be careful. When in doubt, wear safety glasses, and get a helper.

After the nut is removed, you can slip the assembly apart, change your spring and re-assemble. Compress the spring and tighten the nut back on. Use a drop of blue (removable) Loc-Tite to keep things together.

Thats it. I hope you understand a bit more about the CVT and how its parts work together. With some trial and error, you'll be well on your way to maximum scooter performance.

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  1. on 24 Nov 2003 at 12:00 pm Meredith

    really appreaciate this article, as I have given up motorcycles and love scootering. Have three Hondas’, 89 Elite 250, bought used with 500 miles, now has 17000 trouble free miles. ( am in the process of replacing belt).2000 Elite 80, bought new, now has 11000 trouble free miles except for speedo cable while under warranty. 1989 Helix 250 bought used, with 5000 miles on it, now has 9000 trouble free miles, presently being repaired due to accident, got broadsided by 4 wheeler. Longest trips have been 500 miles round trip on both the Elite 250 and the Helix. Have ridden 2 wheelers for 55 years. the last 3 on scooters and would not go back for anything. Thanks again for the fine article, am always looking for tech info on scooters. standard and performance

  2. on 16 Jul 2004 at 10:57 am jadehsu

    umm about the variators, recently i opened up my bike n realised the abrasion lining on my vaiator assembly. the lines r caused by my previous belt n my bike has this excessive vibrations when i have a pillion. is caused by he abrasions on my variatos if not what causes the vibrations.?

  3. on 25 Sep 2004 at 12:53 pm Matt

    Hey, I read your article and it’s the best. I already understood how a CVT works, but a lot of people don’t and it’s difficult to describe without a ton of writing. Would you (and the original author) mind if I posted this material as an article in the resources section of (giving credit, of course)? We’re in need of some good articles that teach newbies how things work.


  4. on 23 Oct 2004 at 11:01 am sam

    i have a suzuki katana, one of the new editions.i dont know much about then engines. would it have a restriction in the exhaust???it doesnt have one of those side pipes like the aprillia has!can u help me out coz i got a 70 engine but im only hitting 40!!!pls reply thx

  5. on 21 Sep 2006 at 7:20 pm mw

    Could you explain what happens inside the hub?? I was
    thinking the rear pulley would be mounted directly to the rear axle.

  6. on 05 Oct 2006 at 3:03 pm Andrew

    To MW

    the hub is attached to your rear axle. inside the hub there’s the clutch which turns simultaneously with your rear pully. at a certain RPM springs inside your clutch wil expand (this depends on the strength of the springs). the springs in turn will let the clutch expand and then grip your hub. it works a bit like a drum brake. when the clutch grips the hub the wheel will turn.

  7. on 07 Nov 2006 at 12:38 pm Joan C Jennings

    Enjoyed the aarticle. Thanks, Joan

  8. on 30 Dec 2006 at 7:01 pm Ariosuko

    Bravo !
    I have tried to release the bolt on driven pulley (as you explained above), but did not success yet.
    Could you show, which tools you have used, & the procedure step by step?
    Thx anyway

  9. on 18 Jan 2007 at 8:50 pm pat bedford

    Bravo, the easiest and quickest way is to buy or borrow someone’s impact wrench, and socket. It will spin off easy.

  10. on 07 Feb 2007 at 10:47 am Wai

    I have a problem.

    When I first accelerate my scooter from a dead stop, the clutch catches and bolts akin to a beginner trying to drive a clutched vehicle. This is most noticeable when it’s been sitting around for a day.

    Do you know the problem and what the solution is?

  11. on 16 Mar 2007 at 5:08 pm Justin

    HI, I have a (stock) Vmoto Monza that goes quite well at high rpms, but is really quite slow on take off. I have ridden a few others that ‘Jump’ off the start (which i would imagine would be better in traffic)… would this have anything to do with the clutch linings being worn out? (it has over 5000kms on the clock) Would replacing it gain any advantage or am i better to play with variator weights and contra springs?

  12. on 07 Jun 2007 at 2:09 pm Baldbloke

    An excellent and well-explained article! I have enough confidence now to tackle a bit of essential work on my other half’s scooter… and hopefully get her back on the road and off my back!

  13. on 21 Nov 2007 at 9:54 am Stan

    I believe it should be Continuously Variable Transmission.

    The only time I’ve heard Constant Variable Transmission is in error.

  14. on 27 Dec 2007 at 1:54 pm Timmis

    brilliant article thanks this has really helped me to understand how the CVT transmission works. am in the process of playing around with variators and contra springs on my Jog RR so this has come in handy to help me understand things better.

  15. on 03 Apr 2008 at 9:20 pm rosa

    I own a QLINK 250 legacy and I am very pleased with the bike itself. I love the automatic bike but I wish the bike had more power. The best I can get is 62mph and that is full throttle with the wind at my back. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make the bike faster I would greatly appreciate the knowledge

  16. on 25 Jun 2008 at 8:23 am lou

    i recently brought a road runner i scooter racer (chinese brand) brand new delivered,when you excelerate the vibrations are terrible,just on exceleration that the whole bike vibrates, what can it be.

  17. on 10 Feb 2009 at 3:27 pm kox

    Why several times bolt at my variator get unscrewed. What I made
    wrong ? After I changed belt variator get unscrewed but after 3000
    km. I change bolt and front pully half. Thing was ok for next 500 kn
    and happened again. Third time shit happened after 50 km. ????

  18. on 22 Mar 2010 at 2:02 pm DeeBee

    HELP! When at a standstill, I have to apply the brake as my scooter’s clutch doesn’t seem to be disengaging (when bike is on centre stand, rear wheel is turning & only stops if brake is applied). Is this a problem with clutch?

  19. on 10 May 2010 at 2:52 pm MICHEL KUN

    congratulation on yout article.

    Needed a CVT transmission that can be keep in low gear
    like the selector of a car auto transmission

    reson, when going up a hill it would be better to have the engine at max RPM and the transmission at higher reduccion (1 st gear)

  20. on 12 Oct 2010 at 10:38 am John Cooper

    When installing new stock weights which way do the weights go? 3 rollers metal showing to the left and 3 rollers showing plastic to the right?

  21. on 14 Oct 2010 at 10:14 pm John Cooper

    Hello do you have the answer

  22. on 17 Jan 2011 at 1:37 pm Yee Spead

    Clear blog. Wondering if you ever trade guest articles? I am running a web site on my latest obsession water filters and looking to trade some articles with good pages. I checked out your blog and you have got some good articles and I feel our visitors would each discover value. Thanks!