Two new sodas: Mango-Cinnamon Soda and Raspberry Mint Sparkler

Since last posting, TWO sodas have made the rounds through the soda keg at the Makerspace. I made a simple one for the spring, a Mango-Cinnamon Soda that was extraordinarily light. When that was exhausted in less than a month, I made a more labor intensive but well worth it Raspberry Mint Sparkler.

Later this summer, I’ll be harvesting borage from my garden – a common ingredient in some older soda recipes.

Mango-Cinnamon Soda


  • 128-192 oz. mango nectar
  • 2 Tablespoons cinnamon
  • 1 cup simple syrup, freshly made
  • 3.5 gallons water, carbonated in a cleaned and sanitized keg

Obviously, clean your keg, and add 3.5 gallons of clean water. Carbonate.

On the stove, prepare the simple syrup and stir in the cinnamon. You can add more if you like. Once it reaches a boil, lower to low heat and simmer for 3-4 minutes. Strain and let cool.

Mix into the keg all of the mango nectar and the cinnamon simple syrup. Allow to carbonate for one full day at least.

Note: I used 128 oz of mango nectar for mine – and it was pretty light on flavor. I recommend going closer to 192 oz to get more flavor – but the Makerspace members assured me they preferred the light flavor of the version I made.


Raspberry Mint Sparkler


  • 1 44 oz (49 oz by wt) raspberry puree – Oregon brand is available at most homebrew stores – strain so that most of the pulp is left out (this will take some time)
  • 5-6 cans of raspberry lemonade concentrate
  • 2.5 cups of fresh mint, plucked from stems, bruised and added to 2 cups of white rum. Shake the jar of rum/mint repeatedly and leave overnight. Strain infused rum, discard mint leaves
  • 3.5 gallons carbonated water in a clean keg

Obviously, clean your keg, and add 3.5 gallons of clean water. Carbonate. Straining the raspberry puree and preparing the mint from the stems will both take a while. Add the raspberry juice, the lemonade concentrate, and the mint infused rum to the keg. Mix thoroughly, and carbonate for at least one full day. Garnish glasses of soda with a sprig of mint for a nice touch.

This soda is sweeter, and has a beautiful rose color. The puree is the most expensive element, but should be available at most Homebrew supply stores.


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